Let’s Not Forget the Omissions of Our Past

My preference is that this blog be neutral when it comes to politics. However, I don’t want us to forget the omissions of our past so I decided to publish this   alert.

Subject: ACTION ALERT: MCC Statement on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

written by Rev. Elder Dr. Charles Arehart

On behalf of Metropolitan Community Churches worldwide we humbly but boldly remind the world “communion of faiths” and the Ugandan nation that soon after Adolph Hitler came to power in Germany he gave the order that Jews, Homosexuals, and Gypsies be put to death because they were Jews, Homosexuals, or Gypsies. In the years following over 6 million Jews were put to death, close to 1/2 million Homosexuals executed, and tens of thousands of Gypsies mercilessly murdered. At the end of the second World War the community of nations defined the action of the Nazis as genocide. Thousands were found guilty of these crimes against humanity and executed for their crime. Genocide is genocide regardless whether a nation legalizes it within its borders or not. It was and is forever illegal and abhorrent.

The Ugandan people are a people of faith. Almost all your citizens worship the one God we call Allah; Jehovah; or God Triune who is Creator, Child, and Holy Spirit. The majority of your citizens are Anglican or Roman Catholic believing Jesus is God become human. This Jesus of yours is the Jesus of Metropolitan Community Churches. We affirm as do you Jesus’ teachings. The Sovereign Christ teaches us to “love one another” and “do unto others as we would have others do unto us”. Jesus forgave the woman caught in the very act of adultery, forgives each of you, and me. At the foot of the cross those of us who call ourselves Christians realize we are all sinners redeemed by God’s matchless merciful grace.

Therefore Metropolitan Community Churches:

1) Ask those embracing the Christian faith, regardless of denominational affiliation, to join your voices with ours asking the government of Uganda to not pass this legislation.

2) Ask people of all religious faiths worldwide to unite with us asking the Ugandan government to not institutionalize genocide by passing this law as did the Nazis three quarters of a century ago.

3) Ask the sovereign government of Uganda to not pass legislation mandating the death penalty for any person determined to be homosexual just because that person is homosexual.

We must never forget the Holocaust and always remember silence always equals death.

Learn more from Rev. Jide Macaulay, founder/pastor of House of Rainbow from http://www.facebook.com/l/eac83;VoXAfrica.com