Just Thoughts

How can I use the “wilderness” in my life to help others. Be patient, be empathetic, listen.

I am the only one that can give meaning to my life. I must stop and reflect. Forget the past and begin the future.

Success in the past is great; but future successes are better. Never stop achieving.

Hello world!

Hello World. I created this blog as a way to explore our faith journey as we learn to be obedient to God’s will; especially, as it relates to servant leadership. I started blogging in December 2008 about leadership and faith. You can check out my year of journaling by going to www.upwardedge.com.

I want this blog to be about transforming leaders; primarily, our faith leaders. I feel sharing one’s faith journey and stories, as well as, reviewing biblical and spiritual examples of great leaders can help transform people’s lives. So I welcome you on this journey of transforming lives with me. HostPapa